Centralize complex event-driven job flows in distributed heterogenious environments utilizing a single point of control.  Connect disparate applications and processes into a managable and reliable business service across multiple platforms.

 Powerful real-time monitoring and management through simple yet powerful client front-ends.



Simplify operations in all areas of production with the GECS automation framework.  Use a single solution to schedule, coordinate and monitor file transfers, database operations, scripts, web services, executables and SAP jobs.  Maximize efficiency for all operations across multiple business units intelligently and automatically.


Take control of all of your production with predictive analysis to make certain you meet your Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  Automatic event notifications will alert you to potential workflow  breaches to allow you time to take corrective action.  Workflows can be configured to automatically increase their priority to help ensure SLA s are satisfied.


Job Scheduling Software

for Windows, Linux and UNIX