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Vinzant Software was founded in 1987 and since early on has been focused on providing best of breed solutions for the job scheduling and batch processing marketplace. Vinzant Software was hired by Gillette Corporation to create a DOS version of JCL for the LAN in 1987. As Gillette was downsizing from their mainframe environment, they quickly realized that the tools they needed to schedule and manage their production environment simply weren’t there. The result of that project was a solution called Event Control Server (ECS). That became the flagship product of Vinzant Software for many years to follow.

Since then, ECS has evolved along with the rest of the technology arena. As time went on, Vinzant Software released versions of ECS for DOS, OS/2, Windows, Windows NT and Windows 2000 and paralleled the life cycle of those operating systems. Vinzant Software is a market driven company and over the years, has received a great deal of input from end users of ECS. Companies like Fidelity, Time Warner, Coca-Cola, Exxon, Hewlett Packard and J.P. Morgan have had a great deal of influence on the feature sets and functionality of our scheduling solutions. Clients that purchase the product today are the beneficiaries of all those years of market research and input from an incredible base of end users.

In 1997, Vinzant decided to enter the enterprise-scheduling arena and add Unix support to its solution. The result of this development initiative was Global Event Control Server (GECS). GECS was built on the base code set of ECS with some dramatic differences. The architecture was changed substantially as well as a new database was implemented. GECS has become the leading enterprise scheduling solution for mission critical applications in distributed heterogeneous environments. Our solution is used as a scheduling framework by hundreds of companies all over the globe. Our software is bundled in with various vertical market applications ranging from banking software to heart monitoring solutions. We have the experience and tools necessary to help you take charge of your enterprise scheduling needs today.

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