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Download GECS Evaluation

Welcome to the Global ECS® download area. You MUST submit a fully completed Evaluation Request Form to receive your 45-day license key to activate Global ECS.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL Global ECS UNTIL YOU RECEIVE YOUR LICENSE KEY.  First time users should use the "GECS Express Installation" instructions located in the "Getting Started" PDF file. Once you have installed Global ECS, please proceed to the GECS Tutorial that you will find in the "Getting Started" PDF or as a button on the first screen of GECS Administrator. If you have any questions about your evaluation of Global ECS, please contact the Global ECS Sales Team at 219-942-9544 or

If you have not scheduled your Global ECS Online Demonstration, please do so now. You will find it very beneficial in learning how to use Global ECS in your environment. The online demonstration is not mandatory but it is highly recommended. To schedule your live Global ECS Online Demonstration..….click here.

*Jobs can also be run on additional platforms including Unix via Global ECS SSH agents. If you have any questions...please contact

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