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Global ECS Training

Our Client Services Team (CST) can help you more effectively schedule and manage your enterprise wide production job workloads across multiple platforms. They will advise and train you on how to integrate Global ECS into your overall business model. The training is specifically designed to help you significantly increase the productivity of your IS personnel and maximize your ROI from Global ECS.

The standard training course is intended for operators, schedulers, developers and GECS system administrators. You will receive personalized instruction by our professional training staff. All of our training and consulting services are flexible. The CST will strive to accommodate your schedule and tailor the course to suite your needs.

The training can either be delivered at your site or via our online courses. Our on site training is set-up to last two full days. The content is compartmentalized into sessions that are intended for your operators, schedulers and GECS administrators. Your end-users can attend all sessions or just the ones that they are interested in.

If you would like more information about having the CST come to your site, please call 219.942.9544 or email

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