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Enterprise Workload Automation Framework


Struggling with a disjointed combination of Windows Task Scheduler, cron, application specific schedulers and other tools to try and manage your production?  We help companies achieve a cross-platform single pane scheduling framework to achieve coordinated production.

Global ECS is used by some of the most demanding data centers in the world. Our solutions have been used since 1987 to automate, integrate and accelerate business application processing by companies of all shapes and sizes. GECS will allow you to gain control over your production environment across your network, virtualized environments and cloud-platforms.  GECS can be deployed quickly ensuring a very fast return on investment. It has been proven over and over again to lower the total cost of operations.

Global ECS Dashboard
  • Over 30 years of proven reliability and experience.

  • Single console to schedule, monitor and manage your production across all of your environments.

  • Reduces costs and maximizes productivity across your enterprise computing environment.

  • ​Eliminates costly human error in your mission critical production environment.

  • Higher application service levels.

  • Accelerated delivery of business-critical reports and information.

  • Frees up manpower to allocate to other important projects.

  • Lowers application production costs.

  • Provides a framework for future automation requirements for your development team.

  • Flexible licensing model allows for nearly every budget.

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